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  • Light Advice is a professional lighting design and supply company founded by Robert Kiely

    specialising in LED and energy efficient lighting solutions. We are Ireland's primary trading partner for Smart Lighting Engineering (SLE), a leading commercial lighting and technology company in Europe.

  • Know​ledge

    Light Advice has worked with clients in Ireland for over 10 years. We have in-depth knowledge of lighting design and solutions.



    We have expertise in Retail, Commercial, Industrial lighting solutions and have supplied small shops and the larger multiples.


    Leading Brands

    We work with some of Europe's leading lighting brands and are Ireland's primary partner for SLE. We provide services to customers throughout Ireland.

  • Expertise

    We have supplied many small retail shops and industrial units but have also been expanding our range and can now accommodate larger businesses to meet your growing needs. We'll work with you to provide you with a lighting solution for your business.

    Specialty & Artisan Shops

    Speciality Foods in their best light

    Whether it be a bakery, deli, chocolate, or other specialty foods, we can supply lighting to put your product in the best light.


    Food Courts

    From Green field to help in arranging a complete Fit out

    We can project manage and also arrange a complete fit out with approved contractors for your food or forecourt. We have completed newsagents, convenience stores, and Forecourts such as Amber Oil.


    Lighting for Your Growing Business

    We have supplied lighting for larger commercial companies including automotive dealerships and larger retail shops.


  • Design

    We start with Fabulous ...and work from there.


    We use the latest CAD Design tools in designing your light layout and we focus specifically on your individual Store requirements. We have some of the best expertise in Ireland and also an extensive list of the latest light fittings from the most up to date range of LED Lighting available on the market. We'll help you find the correct lighting, factor in capital and running cost and, very importantly, discuss with you it's environmental impact. We'll find the lighting that's just right for you.

    CAD Standards

    Project Design

    All of our projects are designed with the most current CAD design software. We work with architects and consultant engineers to recognised CAD Standards.


    Lighting Design

    Model Design Space

    Our designers use the latest technologies and methods to ensure the correct light levels. We produce a model of the design space to ensure you're happy before any supply or fitting is done.

    Innovative Products

    Best Lighting Solutions

    We keep up with the latest changes and updates in the industry to make sure we're providing you with the best lighting solutions for you.


  • Lighting Supply

    Our suppliers are from across Europe and feature new technologies including the radically new and patented CHIL-LED light Fitting from Olivewood. These are some of the industry's best suppliers including Olivewood Technology, Baro, Ledxon, Drutec and Smart Light Engineering.


    We'll do an initial on site survey, discuss your required light levels and energy saving options, agree a store light layout with you, agree on a selection of light fittings, do a comprehensive design and lighting layout of your store, and source and supply light fittings so you get the maximum value from your lights and ones that are within your budget.

  • The right light can transform any environment

  • We're proud to provide quality lighting to our many clients

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